Leno Structures
Room Dividers: gauze and steel
Kvadrat Collection
Foundation Realdania
Room Dividers: gauze and fanreed
Earlier work  
Fascination with gauze weaving is a
focus in my textile career. Since -07,
I have been researching the Chancay
gauzes at the Museo Amano in Lima.
The Chancay culture existed between
1100 - 1450 AC, in the coastal
region north of Lima.
These textiles have all been finger
manipulated, when woven on a
backstrap loom. The materials have
mainly been high twisted cotton,
and, more rarely, wool.
amano 1
amano 2
amano 3
amano 4
amano 5
amano 6
amano 7
pisquillo 1
pisquillo 2
pisquillo 3
pisquillo 4
pisquillo 5
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